Nya tavlor från mitt staffli./New paintings.

Titel: “Cat wants a snack”. Oil on canvas. Size 100 x 72 cm.(Named after the book my son got from Godmother Cozy in Colorado.)

Titel: “Blue-eyed-girl”. Oil on canvas. Size 35 x 35 cm. (Who that is I, I don’t know.)

All pictures ©Caroline Roberts. You may borrow one for personal use on the internet. Please refer/link to my blog.

I väntan på sommaren får man ha blommor i håret.

Det här kortet plus några till kan du köpa av mig. Kolla in på http://www.cozycards.com. (Länk här bredvid.)

“While waiting for summer to show. Put some flowers in your hair!” (Illustration by me)