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Here way up north
we celebrate Christmas the 24th
And some people say
that there is an easy way
to make us very kind
and to let us keep a loving mind.
Eat a lot of Gingerbread Cookies!

Or do some yoga.
Or help someone.
Or give some money to charity.
Or just choose to smile at someone today.
Or just call someone you haven’t talked to in a long time.
Or write a personal Hello to someone.
Or something.
Anything to make the world a better place, will do.

Have a great week!


Garden Angel


En ängel kom till mig. En trädgårdsängel? En skyddsängel. Vet inte vad hon vill. Efter en lång vinter känns det som om hon verkligen vill greppa den första blomman och hålla den kvar. Elller?

An angel came to me. A garden angel or a guardian angel. I don’t know what her mission is. But after a long hard winter here in Sweden, it really feels like she want’s to hold on to the first flower. Or …?

Mysigaste B&B i Järvsö

Varmt, vänligt och mysigt. Det här var vårt tredje besök hos Jessica och hennes mysiga Bed & Breakfast. http://www.brostuganjarvso.se/Vill varmt rekommendera att bo där, eller bara ta en fika i hennes kombinerade frukostrum, café och butik.

Jessica visar nu även mina Recepttavlor och jag blev riktigt glad av att se dem hänga där på väggarna. Passade perfekt in i den fina miljön.

Länk till Recepttavlorna

Sunday night painting

Sunday afternoon and night have always been my favourite time for creating. It is like a soft filter has lowered itself over friends and family and chores and allowed time for a quiet time of painting.
Tonight I stared for quite some time at four unfinished pieces, (in somebody elses eye they probably looked totally done) but they didn’t do it for me.
This one started out like a dark painting, then a young girl came in for a while, then a large very young person took her place, then I got sick of all the people always cramming their way into my work so I said No to them and just started moving my brush…
Now this one has to be in quarantine for a while before I can decide what I think of it …

Nytt från mitt staffli! (New paintings!)

“Being Green Beeing”. Akryl på duk. 40×40 cm. (Acrylics on canvas)

“Opportunier”. Akryl på duk. 40×40 cm. (Acrylics on canvas)

“Rosewood”. Olja på duk. 70×70 cm. (Oil on canvas)

När november drog ner sin mörka mössa så tog färgerna överhanden, blommorna spirade och ljuset härskade. Jag hade ingen talan. Det blev tre nya tavlor.

When the month of november pulled down it’s dark hat on us, my paintings came to life by themselves. They wanted light, colors and flowers. And I did not disagree.