Fresh flowers on a friday.

Comment of the day, Paintings

Pink Ladies, 40×54. Oil on canvas.

Angels and softness. I start working with brushes, with colors on the palette that I like. Slowly the image emerges and as I go along with it, I get a sudden urge of what the painting needs. A different approach. More life. This is not a still life. It needs motion. It needs a credit card, (old one:-) to move around the paint so that something happens. It is not a still life. It is life. And in real life one definitely needs a credit card. To buy some fresh flowers on a friday.

I was left alone …

Comment of the day, Paintings

… with my thoughts.

I am a slow thinker. Not mainly because I don’t have the capacity to think fast. It is just a little crowded in there so each new spark of a thought has a hell of a job to get to the finish line. And when that happens everybody left and I have no one to share my thoughts with.

Title of painting: I was left alone, and thought that I first and foremost should find out where _ _ _ _ was going. (Oil on canvas, 40x40cm)


What’s the weather got to do with it?

Comment of the day, Paintings

Morning of November. Oil on canvas. 45x45cm

Pitch black outside the window. Daytime, grey sky. The nature vaugely showing of a distinct color. The cold air leaving skin and lips in a pale purple tone. Everything outside is turned down.

So what do I paint? Lavish green landscape with bright red flowers and orange, yellow flower buds full of promise! Colors madly running over the canvas.


I paint what I am in.

The dark.

And enjoying it. There is a huge variety of values to be found in a toned down painting. As most swedes do when the dark season is over us we go inside and so do my manner of painting. It is still life.

My feet

Comment of the day, Fikafoto

I walked on the streets of New York

My feet touching the common ground

of others

It doesn’t matter what face we have, what color we share

we all have to pick it up

what we leave behind

Good or bad

it all comes around


My feet and some others outside Smile to Go on Howard Street, NY the day after election day.



Comment of the day, Illustrations

Barnombudsmannen har idag överlämnat sin rapport Respekt till regeringen. Barnombudsmannen har mött 97 barn och unga med funktionshinder och lyssnat på deras berättelser om deras livssituation. Deras verklighet är ofta tuff. Det är barn som begär och förtjänar respekt.

Jag har är stolt att kunna bidra på ett hörn med illustrationer till rapporten.

The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden is a government agency tasked with representing children regarding their rights and interests on the basis of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). I am happy to be able to contribute with illustrations for their Annual reportof  2016; “Respect”, today presented to the Minister for Schools and  Education and the Minister for Children of the Swedish government.



Comment of the day, Illustrations

Det är inte alltid de stora fantastiska illustrationsuppdragen som gör skillnad. Många gånger så behöver en text ett tydliggörande med en bild. Att spendera timmar och leta efter ett perfekt foto på en bildbyrå kan vara tröstlöst. Att skicka ut en fotograf för att plåta en bild som kanske bara ska vara en kvartssida i boken, är alldeles för kostsamt. Vad göra? Jo, man ringer någon av alla skickliga illustratörer som finns och får jobbet gjort!

“Do you have time to make a quick illustration?”

It is not always the big fantastic illustration assignments that makes a difference. Many times there is something in a text that needs further explanations with some sort of image. To spend hours scanning through Photostock agencies will just be a waste of time. To commission a photographer to take one picture that might just end up as a 1/4-page in the layout is too costly. What to do? No worries, you contact one of many splendid illustrators out there and get the job done!

Just an example of a job like that. (Stay focused running.) For a Publishing House.

Ett exempel på ett sånt jobb. För SISU Idrottsböcker: