What’s the weather got to do with it?

Comment of the day, Paintings

Morning of November. Oil on canvas. 45x45cm

Pitch black outside the window. Daytime, grey sky. The nature vaugely showing of a distinct color. The cold air leaving skin and lips in a pale purple tone. Everything outside is turned down.

So what do I paint? Lavish green landscape with bright red flowers and orange, yellow flower buds full of promise! Colors madly running over the canvas.


I paint what I am in.

The dark.

And enjoying it. There is a huge variety of values to be found in a toned down painting. As most swedes do when the dark season is over us we go inside and so do my manner of painting. It is still life.

Sommar i stan

Comment of the day


Sommarateljé i stan, så perfekt. Ingen kö på favoritfiken, ingen stress på gatorna och gångtempot präglas av turisternas karttittande lunk. Bra läge för fokusering och kreativ koncentration.

Summerstudio in the city. So perfect. No lines at my favorite coffeeshop, no stress on the streets and people has cooled down their walking pace, inspired by tourists look-at-map-stroll-around-the-city-tempo. A good time for focused work and creative concentration.

Back to Basics


Kol, brunt omslagspapper och stilleben. Ibland är det befriande att slippa välja färg, kombinera och blanda. Utan bara titta och rita, det man ser och inte ser. Det blir snett och vint. Teckning i nuet, utan krav på ett färdigt resultat. Resultatet ligger i seendet och tecknandet.


No color, a still life, charcoal and cheap brown paper. No result, just a practice, a practice to see – and draw. Mindful creation.

Cat in corner


My cat is my perfect painting partner. Does not give any remarks that makes me start thinking (doubting). Does not ask what I mean. Does not ask if it is finished. Does not say that it looks different from what I normally do. My cat doesn’t say; you can do better.
I have learned from experience. Keep comments away during process of creating until you are 200% sure and your heart says “done”! (At least for now).