Black Friday. A black day for earth.

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I walked into a big department store here in Sweden yesterday. First I get all exited. So much nice looking stuff. Smart gadgets, pretty clothes, shiny kitchen supplies, stylish make up, little things here and there that I – don’t need. Not at all.

I believe in small scale productions, locally made things, unique, one of a kind handcrafted pieces or wearing out clothes instead of just wearing clothes. Mending, fixing, handing down, reading a book, have a coffee or just do anything that doesn’t mean buying another cheap item that will not last for long. I don’t always manage to live by my own conviction but I try. When I steer off my environmental  track once in a while I try to get back on the conscious track as soon as I can. Bye smart, buy quality, buy second hand. Less but better, more unique and maybe Black Friday will just vanish into a black hole.

Painting. The little black one, 92×73 cm. Oil on canvas. In swedish: “Den lilla svarta”.



Fresh flowers on a friday.

Comment of the day, Paintings

Pink Ladies, 40×54. Oil on canvas.

Angels and softness. I start working with brushes, with colors on the palette that I like. Slowly the image emerges and as I go along with it, I get a sudden urge of what the painting needs. A different approach. More life. This is not a still life. It needs motion. It needs a credit card, (old one:-) to move around the paint so that something happens. It is not a still life. It is life. And in real life one definitely needs a credit card. To buy some fresh flowers on a friday.

I was left alone …

Comment of the day, Paintings

… with my thoughts.

I am a slow thinker. Not mainly because I don’t have the capacity to think fast. It is just a little crowded in there so each new spark of a thought has a hell of a job to get to the finish line. And when that happens everybody left and I have no one to share my thoughts with.

Title of painting: I was left alone, and thought that I first and foremost should find out where _ _ _ _ was going. (Oil on canvas, 40x40cm)


Nytt från mitt staffli! (New paintings!)


“Being Green Beeing”. Akryl på duk. 40×40 cm. (Acrylics on canvas)

“Opportunier”. Akryl på duk. 40×40 cm. (Acrylics on canvas)

“Rosewood”. Olja på duk. 70×70 cm. (Oil on canvas)

När november drog ner sin mörka mössa så tog färgerna överhanden, blommorna spirade och ljuset härskade. Jag hade ingen talan. Det blev tre nya tavlor.

When the month of november pulled down it’s dark hat on us, my paintings came to life by themselves. They wanted light, colors and flowers. And I did not disagree.

Nya tavlor från mitt staffli./New paintings.


Titel: “Cat wants a snack”. Oil on canvas. Size 100 x 72 cm.(Named after the book my son got from Godmother Cozy in Colorado.)

Titel: “Blue-eyed-girl”. Oil on canvas. Size 35 x 35 cm. (Who that is I, I don’t know.)

All pictures ©Caroline Roberts. You may borrow one for personal use on the internet. Please refer/link to my blog.