It is really simple, really!

Comment of the day, Paintings

I love my friends, I love meeting new people, I love watching people and I love going to new places. And still, I sometimes have to force myself to go out. It always seem to be a better idea to stay at home or rather at my easel. It is just never boring. The paint itself makes me want to stay. The next stroke with the brush or the next combination of colors, by accident or intentionally. I just like to hang out with my paint. That’s as simple as that. Really!

A thought captured …

My feet

Comment of the day, Fikafoto

I walked on the streets of New York

My feet touching the common ground

of others

It doesn’t matter what face we have, what color we share

we all have to pick it up

what we leave behind

Good or bad

it all comes around


My feet and some others outside Smile to Go on Howard Street, NY the day after election day.


Vilket är ditt ord 2011?

Comment of the day

Mina ord 2011 kommer att vara Definiera och fokusera. Att ta beslut som för mig närmare mina mål och hur jag vill leva.

Nu gjorde jag inte alla dessa skyltar bara för att det är så himla kul att “fixa och dona” utan de ligger nu i skyltfönstret hos AH-optik i Nynäshamn och jag hoppas att det är någon Nynäshamnsbo som stannar upp och funderar.