I was left alone …

Comment of the day, Paintings

… with my thoughts.

I am a slow thinker. Not mainly because I don’t have the capacity to think fast. It is just a little crowded in there so each new spark of a thought has a hell of a job to get to the finish line. And when that happens everybody left and I have no one to share my thoughts with.

Title of painting: I was left alone, and thought that I first and foremost should find out where _ _ _ _ was going. (Oil on canvas, 40x40cm)


Decision taken

Comment of the day, Paintings

I min förra post så hade jag huvudbry över en målning som hamnat i ett vägskäl. Utan att jag själv hade tyckt till om det, anser jag. Och som alltid när jag målar, och många känner nog igen sig i skapandeprocessen, så kommer vägvalen, sluta eller fortsätta, papperskorg eller vägg. Jag åberopar magkänsla, grannen som går förbi eller sonen 10 år som ska säga de magiska orden som får mig att förstå att jag gör “rätt”. För mig är nog ändå alltid det rättaste att våga, att våga göra fel, att våga skrota timmar av arbete och att våga gå en annan väg en den jag trodde i början. Jag intalar mig att jag vinner på det nästa gång, eller åtminstone någon gång.

Nu tog jag valet att ge kroppen ett annat huvud. Det var rätt beslut. Tror jag. Denna gång.

In my latest post I had a decision to make. The body didn’t match the face, or was it that the face that didn’t match the body. Anyhow, I had to do something. This is what I did!


Sunday night painting


Sunday afternoon and night have always been my favourite time for creating. It is like a soft filter has lowered itself over friends and family and chores and allowed time for a quiet time of painting.
Tonight I stared for quite some time at four unfinished pieces, (in somebody elses eye they probably looked totally done) but they didn’t do it for me.
This one started out like a dark painting, then a young girl came in for a while, then a large very young person took her place, then I got sick of all the people always cramming their way into my work so I said No to them and just started moving my brush…
Now this one has to be in quarantine for a while before I can decide what I think of it …

Cat in corner


My cat is my perfect painting partner. Does not give any remarks that makes me start thinking (doubting). Does not ask what I mean. Does not ask if it is finished. Does not say that it looks different from what I normally do. My cat doesn’t say; you can do better.
I have learned from experience. Keep comments away during process of creating until you are 200% sure and your heart says “done”! (At least for now).