Comment of the day, Paintings

“Perfect Hair Day”. Oil on canvas.

I like my work as an illustrator and I love being a painter. Of course there is a little of me in my illustrations but working as a freelance illustrator means taking your clients needs and demands into consideration.

Painting (and drawing) is something I do whether there is money in the end or not. One might think there is an easy transition going from illustrating to painting. It can be, regarding the material, but the mind needs some time to free itself from “doing-good- getting-paid-state-of-mind”. So what do I do. I paint a face. Again. The same thing I do when I want to use up the left over paint on my palette. And as in the three dimensional world. Faces don’t repeat themselves. There is always a first time for every face.

Sommar i stan

Comment of the day


Sommarateljé i stan, så perfekt. Ingen kö på favoritfiken, ingen stress på gatorna och gångtempot präglas av turisternas karttittande lunk. Bra läge för fokusering och kreativ koncentration.

Summerstudio in the city. So perfect. No lines at my favorite coffeeshop, no stress on the streets and people has cooled down their walking pace, inspired by tourists look-at-map-stroll-around-the-city-tempo. A good time for focused work and creative concentration.

Garden Angel



En ängel kom till mig. En trädgårdsängel? En skyddsängel. Vet inte vad hon vill. Efter en lång vinter känns det som om hon verkligen vill greppa den första blomman och hålla den kvar. Elller?

An angel came to me. A garden angel or a guardian angel. I don’t know what her mission is. But after a long hard winter here in Sweden, it really feels like she want’s to hold on to the first flower. Or …?