I was left alone …

Comment of the day, Paintings

… with my thoughts.

I am a slow thinker. Not mainly because I don’t have the capacity to think fast. It is just a little crowded in there so each new spark of a thought has a hell of a job to get to the finish line. And when that happens everybody left and I have no one to share my thoughts with.

Title of painting: I was left alone, and thought that I first and foremost should find out where _ _ _ _ was going. (Oil on canvas, 40x40cm)


What’s the weather got to do with it?

Comment of the day, Paintings

Morning of November. Oil on canvas. 45x45cm

Pitch black outside the window. Daytime, grey sky. The nature vaugely showing of a distinct color. The cold air leaving skin and lips in a pale purple tone. Everything outside is turned down.

So what do I paint? Lavish green landscape with bright red flowers and orange, yellow flower buds full of promise! Colors madly running over the canvas.


I paint what I am in.

The dark.

And enjoying it. There is a huge variety of values to be found in a toned down painting. As most swedes do when the dark season is over us we go inside and so do my manner of painting. It is still life.

My feet

Comment of the day, Fikafoto

I walked on the streets of New York

My feet touching the common ground

of others

It doesn’t matter what face we have, what color we share

we all have to pick it up

what we leave behind

Good or bad

it all comes around


My feet and some others outside Smile to Go on Howard Street, NY the day after election day.


På gång/Current

Painting and creating!

It is not all about happenings. It is also about rolling up the sleeves and get on with my work. That’s what I am doing now. Nu jobbar jag i ateljén. Vill du se vad jag har på gång eller vill du titta på någon målning i verkligheten som är till salu så är du varmt välkommen att besöka mig i min ateljé. Jag finns i Hökarängen, söder om Söder i Stockholm. Kontakta mig på 070-860 53 97 eller mejla caroline@carolineroberts.se

Art for sale

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Här är några målningar som är till salu just nu. Hör gärna av dig om du vill veta mer.  Du är även varmt välkommen att besöka mig i min ateljé som ligger i södra Stockholm. Ring mig så kommer vi överens om något.

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Stillestånd | A Stand Still | Oil on canvas, (återkommer med mått)| 6 500 SEK | €650

Omgivning | Surrounding. Olja på duk 100×100 cm | 12 000 SEK | € 1 200

Ett med naturen | One with Nature | Oil on canvas, 20x20cm | 2 000 SEK | €200

På tu man hand med naturen | Two with Nature | Oil on canvas, 20×20 cm | 2 000 SEK | € 200

Morgondimma | Morning Fog | Oil on canvas, 40×40 cm | 4 000 SEK | € 400

På verandan | On the Porch. Olja på duk. 50×50 cm. | 5 000 SEK | € 500

Låt stå | Let it Be | Oil on canvas, 101×127 cm | 16 000 SEK | € 1 600

Lite ljus hittar alltid vägen in Some light always find a way in. | Oil on canvas, 68x68cm | 6 500 SEK | € 650

Vit pion White Peonia | Oil on canvas, 100x100cm | 12 000 SEK | € 1 200

Guldkant| Golden Brim | Oil on canvas, 30x30cm3 000 SEK | € 300

Blå stämning | Blue Feeling | Oil on canvas 40×54 cm | 4 500 SEK | € 450

Kapitel 34 | Chapter 34 | Oil on canvas. 50×61 cm |5 500 SEK | € 550

Växa upp | Growing up | Oil on canvas, 68×68 cm | 6 800 SEK | € 680

Mysbyxor | Comfy sweats | Oil on canvas, 40x40cm | 4 000 SEK | € 400

Fluga | The Fly | Oil on canvas, 40x40cm | 4 000 SEK | € 400

Ordning och kaos | Order and Chaos | Oil on canvas, 92×73 cm | 10 000 SEK | € 1 000

Livet är enkelt | Life is Simple | Oil on canvas, 92×73 cm | 10 000 SEK | € 1 000

Det är som det är.| It is what it is | Mixed media on canvas, 92×73 cm | 10 000 SEK |€ 1 000

Livet är en fest | Life is a party | Oil on canvas | 10 000 SEK | € 1 000

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